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St. Bernadette Parish School

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4th Grade Poetry

All empty streets,
Not a single person meets


All people in the house,
No one really up and about


Most people sad and lonely,
We’re all at home and Zoomin’


We all are wearing masks,
For this past year or so


I’ve been trapped inside,
No meeting outer family


Cuz’ Covid came on a rover,
And took the world over


And so in this past year or so,
I’ve learned a lesson or two,
And family’s most important,
For me and
I bet for you too.


Covid 19


During this time I was cozy,lonely and sad.
During this time I wore cloth over my mouth, stood far apart and talked though gear and wire.
During this time I couldn’t go out with others, play with others or smile for awhile.
During this time people died, got sick and separated. But we have vaccines, so no worry.
In this time I learned, cherish the time you have with others…


because it may not last long.