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St. Bernadette Parish School

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Join our On-Line Learning Community and Resources for Home

If you are interested in applying for your student to join our on-line learning community during the Covid closure, please go here to apply. For more information about joining our on-line classes, please contact Mrs. Flohr.

Many resources are available to help parents and students navigate these days of remote learning.

Second Step offers remote learning guidance for parents and caretakers who are helping students learn at home.

This is a short list of great learning resources to use at home. Lots of fun activities here.

Junior Library Guild, supplier of our awesome new library books, is offering free reads to students. Click on the link and choose your level, find a book to read or listen to, and enjoy great literature.

And if you need music, go here for songs we sing at school masses. Ms. LaBelle’s YouTube is here for all the songs you may need.

Our 4th Grade uses Circle Round to listen to and practice retelling stories. Check it out.