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St. Bernadette Parish School

Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders

Sixth Grade / MS Science & Math

Maria was born and raised in Uganda – East Africa. Maria holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Math, a Master of Arts degree in Transformational Leadership, and a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership (EdD) from Seattle University. Dissertation: Supporting Student Educational Opportunities and Pathways to Success in Community College. She is the recipient of International Peace Scholarship and the International Student Leadership Award from the Seattle International Student Center. Maria has provided meaningful math tutoring to improve the math skills of students at Nativity Jesuit Middle School, Garfield High School, and East Hill elementary School. Using her leadership skills, and with the support from her Seattle friends, she provided clean water to more than thirty families in the rural areas in Uganda. Maria is the co-founder of Empower Your Neighbor organization. The goal of this organization is to empower women to become more economically independent and to promote girls’ education. With the support from her friends, Maria has provided scholastic materials and scholarships to students in Uganda.

Maria came to Seattle University with a different cultural background and experience. Her time at Seattle University has enabled her to meet and to work with teachers and students with diverse backgrounds. Being an international student, Maria faced some challenges, which she overcame through the support of her fellow students, instructors, advisors. Through her doctoral program at Seattle University, Maria has learned that leaders are not born, they are made. Good leaders are those that have a deep self-awareness, sensitive to cultural diversity, possess lifelong curiosity, honesty, and global strategic thinking. The discussions and readings in all her classes emphasized social justice for all and collaboration with students from diverse backgrounds. She has come a realization that today’s leaders need a global mind-set to solve matters of economic, social, political, and environmental issues that affect the whole world as a community. Leaders of different countries must collaborate to find the root-causes to issue such as climate change, girls’ access to education, food security, lack of clean water, human rights, mental health, homelessness, refugees, human rights, and human trafficking etc. and together find solutions that will lead to the development of human progress across the society as a whole. She is for ever grateful to her advisors (both academic and International advisors), instructors, fellow students, the Jesuit fathers at Seattle University, and the Sisters of Providence.

Dr. Sr. Maria Nassali
6th Homeroom

6th – 8th Math and 6th-7th Science

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