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Emergency Communication


Calls are made as early as possible, by 6:00 AM at the latest, through PowerAnnouncement. Since conditions vary greatly where our families and teachers live, safety is first! Families must decide to come late, or not come at all. School closure/delay information is communicated via usual school communication modes. 

KOMO and KING TV usually list specific instructions for St. Bernadette School, but not always.

Late start is two hours late (10:30 a.m.) There is NO Preschool or Pre-K with late start.


In the event of an emergency, an all school broadcast, or PowerAnnouncement, is sent to all families via phone, text and email. Power Announcement is an efficient and green form of communication, and allows families to personalize the way in which they would like to receive school information (ie. phone call/voicemail, text and/or email).  School closure/delay decisions due to inclement weather will be made at 6:00 AM on the day of the event via all three communication avenues. 


School Families may personalize the way they receive information from St. Bernadette Parish School through Power Announcement, please follow the steps listed below: 

Login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Click on the PowerAnnouncement icon on the left hand menu 

You will see three different preference tabs: Preferences by Message Type, Preferences by Contact Field, and Preferences by Message Category. 

Click the expand all icon.

The Preferences by Message Type tab allows you to indicate where you would like information from the school to be sent (text message, email, phone call)

The next tab, Preference by Contact Field, allows you to edit or add phone numbers and email addresses.

The last tab, Preferences by Message Category, allows you to indicate where you would like to receive information specific to the type of messages and alerts 

Power Announcement is used for both emergency purposes and quick and general school broadcasts.