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St. Bernadette Parish School

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Extended Day

Extended Day 2021-2022 School Year

Telephone: 206-812-3124

Extended Day Program for PK – 8th grade students of St. Bernadette School is located in the Parish Hall across from the kitchen. Extended Day is open from 7:00-8:15 AM for before school supervision and until 6:00 PM after school. 

Open on school days only, St. Bernadette Extended Day provides professional care, supervision, and enrichment activities for  participants. 

Families are strongly encouraged to enroll in one of the 10-month contracts listed below, as space in the program for families who are not on contract cannot be guaranteed.

Extended Day is billed through SMART.

Hours of operation: Monday through Friday 7:00-8:15 AM  and after school until 6:00 PM.

$60 enrollment fee per family whether on contract or punch card

2021-2022 Extended Day Monthly Contract Rates

1 child (Sept – Nov. & Jan.-May)

2 or more children (Sept – Nov. & Jan.-May)

1 child (Dec. & June)

2 or more children (Dec. & June)

AM only





PM only





Full AM/PM





12 Hour punch card $90

An hourly punch card is also an option. Punch cards are $90 for 12 hours of Extended Day (ED). Any time over .25 of an hour will be rounded up to an hour. Use of Extended Day without a contract or punch card will result in a $90 charge through SMART for a punch card, in addition to required Extended Day registration. After the use of 12 hours, your SMART account will automatically be billed $90 for a new punch card.

To participate, students must register prior to their first day of attendance. The registration fee of $60 per family is billed when you register online. An authorized adult is required to sign students in and out from the program. To register your student(s), complete the registration form. 

St. Bernadette School Extended Day Program is staffed by St. Bernadette employees.

Register Here for Extended Day.