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St. Bernadette Parish School

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Parent Board

St. Bernadette Parent Board

St. Bernadette’s Parent Board, supported by the School Commission, functions primarily to foster community between the school, parish, and home. The Parent Board contributes to the school’s operating costs by leading fundraising efforts, including the Bite of Bernadette, The B00-Nadette Halloween Party, Chocolate Sale, & Jog-a-Thon.


  • MAY 2024: Bite of Bernadette Meetings, via Zoom (link soon)
  • JUNE 12, 2024: Parent Information Day
    • Time & Location: 3:20 PM, Lower Building Pick up
    • Snacks provided


All school events need coordinators and helpers. Parents can earn required service hours by volunteering at these events. Find current event needs here:



Thank you for making our past events a success!

  • September 2023: Jog-a-thon
  • October 2023: The Boo-nadette Halloween Party
  • December 2023: Vietnamese Pho Dinner
  • January 2024: Catholic Schools Week
  • March 2024: Easter Egg Hunt
  • April 2024: Community Garage Sale

Raise Right (formerly Scrip) Gift Card Fundraiser

Raise Right Pre-Order Form    Please print this form, complete it, and send it in to the  School or Parish Office to place your order.

St. Bernadette’s school code is: 9D5F3CF55849

Raise Right online ordering is easy. Click on the link and order online. Here’s a helpful video on how to RaiseRight! Grab your phone to follow along!


Parent Volunteer Hours

To support the school and get to know the community better, St. Bernadette families are required, per the enrollment contract, to volunteer 25 hours of service to the school or parish. Hours not completed are billed at $25 per hour in May. Deadline to submit hours is May 24, 2024.

See the list of volunteer possibilities here.
Report commitment hours here, scroll to bottom for form.


Parents who serve as Leadership, Event chair, or in General Membership capacity on the Parent Board have voting rights to Parent Board led decision makings. Board members support school fundraising events through collaborative planning and organization. Members are committed to adhere to St. Bernadette Parish School values and mission, attend monthly meetings, and assist in Parent Board sponsored events. Board members often contribute beyond 25 volunteer commitment hours. Join the Board!

To Serve in Leadership or commit to General Membership on the Board, fill out this form. Interested, but have questions, please email:

2023-2024 MembershipLeadership:

*President: Betty C
*Secretary: Jen Pilgrim
*Treasurer: Teresa Mansanarez
*Newsletters/Communication: Elizabeth Ouk
*Volunteer Coordinator:
*Fundraising Chair: Kristina Eastham
*Catholic Schools Week Chairs (1-2):
*Hospitality Coordinator: Yaneth E + Amber B
Teacher Representative: Kristyna Tapic
Used Uniform Coordinator: Alicia Thomas + PN
Vietnamese Dinner Chairs: Alberto Angicko, Cam Nguyen,
The Bite of Bernadette Chairs(1-7): OPEN

General Membership:

Pamela Borsellino
Yordanos Temesgen
Dee Medina
David Gavino
Mina Gavino
Cuong Duong
Eric Garcia
Amber Bennett
Yaneth Esqueda


What is required of a Chair/Co-Chair?

Chairs & Co-Chairs take on the Lead Role in planning an event. They are supported by Parent Board to help carry out planning activities, needs and recruitment of volunteers. Chairs & Co-Chairs are essential leaders as they bring new ideas and vision to event planning and school community experience. Chairs and Co-chair work along side the Fundraising Chair and commit to organizing and leading planning meetings and event day operations.

To see Parent Board By Laws, view this document.

If you’d like to create an event and propose it to the Board, please email We’d love to hear from you!