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St. Bernadette Parish School

Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders

Second Grade

Ms. Abbey Kindt is thrilled to be here for her sixth year at Saint Bernadette Parish School! After earning her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education at the University of Dayton, she went to the University of Portland to pursue her master’s degree in Education through the Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education (PACE) Program. Ms. Kindt grew up in an Air Force family, and moved around throughout her childhood, but has now made her own home here in Seattle! In June 2022, Ms. Kindt began the Mary Ann Remick Leadership Program at the University of Notre Dame, beginning the process of earning her master’s degree in Educational Leadership. She’s excited to bring what she learns from her professors and classmates back to our Panther community! When she isn’t teaching or learning, Ms. Kindt enjoys singing, going to Mass, kayaking, hiking, reading, and spending time with her cat, Ollie.

You may reach meĀ via email.